2014 Safety Street    

What is Safety Street?

Safety Street is Ireland's first purpose built interactive centre aimed at secondary school students to identify everyday threats to their safety. Students from schools across Limerick City have to navigate there way through three different scenarios.

The Safety Street Initiative has been running for 4 years now. In 2010, the Community Co-ordinators looked at anti-social behaviour, in 2011 we looked at drug awareness throught the eyes of an ex-user and in 2012 we looked at bullying and the consequences for those involved.

Mayor of Limerick, Cllr Maria Byrne said "the Safety Street initiative is a clever and innovative way to highlight various personal and safety issues through interactive scenarios." She added " It also promotes the benefits of taking a positive and active role within the community and it's a very clever and innovative project which appeals to teenagers, and delivers key safety messages in a key way." Taken from The Limerick Leader Wednesday 22, 2010.

Garda Inspector Luke Conlon, Head of Community Policing, Mayorstone Garda Station described the Safety Street Project as "very Positive and it will educate and inform young people on the possible dangers that they may encounter through the street scenes. We hope that this project will increase personal safety awareness, encourage active citizenship and reduce the incidents of anti-social behaviour." Taken from The Limerick Leader Wednesday 22, 2010.

In 2014, the Community Co-ordinators decided to look at the area of Mental Health Awareness by holding three interactive workshops for transition year students from across Limerick City and County. 

Workshop A: Positive Mental Health- Gerry Carew, an artist and therapist provided a safe space to explore, in both group and individual format, our own unique creative voice. 

Workshop B: Eating Disorders - Grainne Doyle explored the effects of eating disorders on the individual, family and society. 

Workshop C: Bullying - Margaret Collins Smyth explored the destructive impact of bullying with particular emphasis on cyberbullying. 

Over the three days over 500 students from City and County came through the doors to take part in Safety Street 2014. The feedback from teachers and students was extremely positive. 


2014 Safety Street

Please click the link to see a piece done by TV3 news on 'Safety Street' http://www.tv3.ie/videos.php?video=27246

More Information

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