LCCSP promotes practical solutions to the problems of illegal dumping, litter and graffiti. Such solutions include reporting illegally dumped rubbish to Limerick City Council’s Environment department, organising community clean-ups, monitoring illegal dumping black spots and participating in graffiti removal programmes.

Our litter pick scheme runs from April to September and encourages residents to take responsibility for their neighbourhoods. The Community Co-ordinators supply the bags, litter picks and gloves for residents wishing to make a difference in their community.

If you wish to organise a litter pick in your area, contact your local Co-ordinator on +353 61 221997.

LCCSP provides information to residents on why a cleaner greener environment benefits all.



Improve Environment         Glasgow Park, Litter Pick, 2013



    Glasgow Park, Litter Pick, 2013 (2) Glasgow Park, Litter Pick, 2013 (1)