While working in your community your Community Coordinators operate under the following aims: Increasing Community Safety

Projects and Programmes

The Community Coordinators achieve their aims through a variety of projects, a number of these projects/programmes are outlined below:

Safety Street Initiative

Tuesday 18th, Wednesday 19th and Thursday 20th November 2014

Following the success of Safety Street over the last 4 years, Limerick City Community Safety Partnership Ltd invite transition year students from across Limerick City and County, to come together for Mental Health Interactive Workshops. 

Overh the years Safety Street used a purpose built interactive centre to reach our target audience bringing issues of relevance to their attention. Areas which have been dealt with over the years, Anti-Social Behaviou, Drugs & Alcohol, Bullying and Isolation & Lonliness, have been received with great success.

This year, with the focus on mental health awareness, the Community Co-ordinators are putting the interactive centre to one side. Three interactive workshops will be held with prefessionals in the field, working closely with the students over 50 minute periods, to improve their awareness on topics around the subject. 

Workshop A: Positive Mental Health - Gerry Carew, an artist and therapist working in the areas of mental health, will provide a safe space to explore, in both group and individual format, our own unique creative voice.

Workshop B: Eating Disorders - Grainne Doyle, is a humanistic and interactive psychotherapist who has worked over the years in the education sector with second and third level students helping their personal development. This workshop will explore the effects of eating disorders on the individual, family and society. 

Workshop C: Bullyin - Margaret Collins Smyth, Director of Limerick Institute of Counselling and Psychotherapy has been working in the area, as a humanistic and interactive psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer. This workshop will explore the destructive impact of bullying with particular emphasis on cyberbullying.

Safety Street 2014 initiative has been organised and funded by the Limerick City Community Safety Partnership Ltd (LCCSP)


Children’s Traffic Club Programme

Since late 2010 we have been running a Road Safety Programme with junior and senior infant’s classes in St. Mary’s Boys School, St. Mary’s Girls School, Queen of Peace NS and St Johns Girls School. We now run the programme in all schools that the Community Co-ordinators are working in. The 9 week programme, called the Children’s Traffic Club is based on a programme of the same name in the UK.

The Club is structured abound nine road safety themes, including the importance of holding hands, looking for traffic and crossing safely. The Community Coordinators have been visiting young students in schools covering all of our areas to teach them how to stay safe when they are out walking, playing or traveling in a car.

Each class is guided through a series of books, full of colourful pictures to talk about, stories to read and fun activities to do. The books cover the main safety points that all young children need to learn. At this age, children are old enough to understand the messages and still young enough to learn safe habits that can last a lifetime. On completion of the programme with the various classes each student receive a high visibility vest and a certificate of completion.


Students learn to ‘Take Action’ with our Active Citizenship Programme

Another programme being run in schools is our Active Citizenship programme called Take Action. This programme aims to promote civic engagement for children by providing information on local and national governments, as well as empowering them to exercise their right to participate. Each week we have been visiting classes to encourage children to think about their rights and responsibilties, the different types of communities that exist, and how they can get involved.

The programme is highly interactive and practical, with the children taking part in a mock election by completing mock ballot papers and putting them into a specially constructed ballot box! They learned how important it is for adults to exercise their right to vote.

For the final session of this worthwhile programme a local Councillor is invited into the class to talk to the students about their role and answer questions from the students about what they do as a Councillor. After completion of this programme, students are given the opportunity to visit Limerick City Council where they will learn more about the functions of the Council.


Active Citizenship Part 2

As a follow on from Active Citizenship Part 1, this programme is run over three weeks to give more in depth knowledge of local and national government. Aimed at 6th class, the students get the opportunity to visit the Dail on a day trip. There they will get to see the Dail in action and a tour of Leinster House.


Anti-Bullying Programme

A 5 week programme aimed to increase awareness around bullying and cyberbullying. It is an interactive programme which includes activities in each week. It encourages the group to openly talk about bullying, the effects of bullying and feelings around the subject. Students are encouraged to get involved in discussions around the topic in a safe environment. 

Areas covered:


Environmental Awareness Day Initiative

A key aim of the Community Coordinator scheme is to improve the environment. So this year again, in conjunction with Limerick City Council’s Environment Department, we plan to organised a Litter and Waste Awareness Day in Secondary Schools in Limerick. The students will be welcomed to school by special street theatre characters; each wearing eye catching litter costumes in order to highlight the importance of keeping Limerick litter free.

Students will also take part in a workshop on waste prevention, reuse, recycling and composting which will be facilitated by Limerick City Council’s Environmental Awareness Officer Sinead McDonnell. They will then engage in a fun vizi quiz which will test their observational skills on environmental issues. We feel that this is a very important event as the students will learn the importance of looking after the environment in an interactive and enjoyable way.


Eyes Open Programme

This is a six week Community Safety programme devised by the Community Coordinators aimed at national schools. The Coordinators work in partnership with the Fire Service & An Garda Síochana and a number of other agencies to deliver Community Safety messages to children. The course programme looks at some of the following topics:


You Matter Programme

A 4 week programme aimed at 1st and 2nd Class students. Each week covers a different stubject matter:

The programme gives the students an opportunity to openly discuss areas that may be of a sensitive nature in a safe environment. At the end of the programme, each student receives a certificate of completion.


Intergenerational Programmes

Over the last two years, the Community Co-ordinators have completed three intergenerational programmes on the northside of the city. Older person's groups were invited to undertake a specific project with classes in national schools. The first two projects looked at life and style in the 1940's and 1950's with St. Munchin's Girls School and ladies from Ballynanty Older Person's Group. The third looked at sports in the 1950's with St. Munchin's Boys School and the Men's Shed, Ballynanty.

Students and older people had great fun doing these projects and really engaged with each other. Following the completion of the St. Munchin's Boys project, the men from the Men's Shed decided that they wanted to take it further and helped organise a day of touring sporting venues in Limerick including the Gaelic Grounds and Thomond Park.

This year, the Community Co-ordinators have another Intergenerational Programme planned for the northside and hope to get a group of older men or women from another part of the city to participate in it.


Go For Life Programme

The Go For Life Programme aims to get older people more active, more often. As part of this programme, Limerick City Sports Partnership, trains people to become Physical Activity Leaders (PAL's) and Yvonne McMahon is our dedicated leader for the Community Co-ordinators.

As part of our involvement with the Active Retirement Groups, Yvonne attends St. Bridget's, St. John's and Janesboro Active Retirement Groups to run activities with the groups to keep the joints mobile and increse activity levels with fun and easy games.  

JUMP! Programme

JUMP! Is a one hour activity programme straight after school and involves fair play activities for both girls and boys. It aims to increase physical activity and provides “something to do” on those long afternoons after school. It focuses on the social and enjoyable aspects of sports as opposed to the competitive aspects. There is a strong emphasis on rules and boundaries and all activities are inclusive, safe and enjoyable for all
This programme is run by the Community Coordinators in schools across the city. Schools that have participated include St. Munchin’s Boys School, St. Mary’s Boys and Girls Schools, St. John's Girls NS, Queen of Peace NS.